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    About the Earthquake Forums

    The forums are very intuitive and simple to navigate:

    • “Forums” ( top menu ) will always take you to the main forums index page for an overview of all forums.
    Like doorways into each discussion room.

    • Inside each forum is a list of TOPICS.
    At the bottom of the list of topics, participants can create a NEW topic.

    • Clicking on any topic will reveal a list of REPLIES.
    At the bottom of the list of replies, participants can create a NEW reply.

    Simply put, it works like this: FORUMS >> TOPICS >> REPLIES.

    Breadcrumb markers ( top of this section ) will clearly show you where you are within the forums. If you ever get lost, just return to “forums”. For simplicity, your forums activity is linked to your profile which displays a “forums” tab. There, you can have a quick overview of topics and replies you recently created. If another member “follows” you and you develop a following of other members, they can see your forums participation as well.


    “Live Notifications” will show you if anyone replied to a topic you created. Just log in you’ll see a live “bell” marker, or you can choose to be notified by email. You can also “subscribe” to a forum, and be notified when there is activity within that forum.


    Looking for something specific? The “SEARCH” feature is available in the sidebar (on the right) of every forums page. This searches the forums exclusively and separately from posts and pages on the entire website. Type the word “welcome” into the forums search field, and you will see this topic among the results. The search feature will automatically search ALL the forums for you.

    Post Ratings

    Logged-in members can +1 ( “like” ) your forums posts, and this total is visible directly beneath your avatar on every forums page.
    This is a way to gradually build good forums karma and earn community rewards over time.

    Sticky Topics

    A topic can be made “sticky” to bump it to the top of that forums list for the purpose of generating important attention – and for any period of time. Super-sticky topics ( like this one ) are sticky and visible in ALL forums to make sure all new members read it first. Sticky topics are also highlighted with another color. Only admins and moderator(s) can create sticky topics.

    The earthquake.co forums participation is restricted to registered & upgraded members only. The forums will open when public registration commences in Q1, 2019 after we first prepare our community guidelines. In the mean time, you may contact us if you would like a forum ( or subforum ) created exclusively for your group, organization or region. Private forums (and sub-forums) are also available for certain groups or earthquake-related organizations. Some groups may have a “community leader” who will act as moderator for that group or locale. We only manage and moderate the public forums.

    Currently, there is one “international” forum, but there can be an unlimited number of forums dedicated to any country, state, city, group or your own organization. So for example if a very large number of topics are created on the topic of “X”, they can be moved into a new dedicated forum on that topic. Otherwise, using the “search” feature will search all the forums anyway.

    Welcome to the Earthquake.co forums.

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