EARTHQUAKE ID: ci40664632
2024-02-09 13:47:27 PM UTC
Unix Time 1707515247
2 months 2 days ago




11 km WNW of Malibu, CA

34.0575°N    118.9076667°W
DEPTH: 15.28KM

About earthquake id: ci40664632

Occured 2 months 2 days ago
ID: ci40664632

More extensive information will be added here - including tweets about this quake, lives affected (or lost), neighboring communities and cities affected, member comments, "who felt it", and more. Proximity and distance to the earthquake is already availble to logged-in members with an address on their profile. If the member is within 0-1000km of the earthquake, the distance matrix will calculate land transport distance and a the shortest distance between two points ( as the crow flies ). If the earthquake occurred at sea, nautical miles are also calculated.

Members who request notification will automatically receive an email and/or SMS text message for any earthquakes greater than 5.5. If the member adds family contact, the contact will be notified by email that "A Xm earthquake has occurred within Xkm of membername.". All notifications are on an opt-in basis. The IMOK feature will allow the member to single-click on their phone (or in the email) to quickly signal they are fine. IMOK is available for logged in members on an opt-in basis.

Earthquake Globe & Moon

The 3D globe (right) will create two pins - one for the earthquake and one for the geographic location of the member viewing this page. If the visitor is not logged in, only one pin for the quake is rendered. The exact position of the moon at the time of the earthquake is included for your interest, and will display illumination %, phase, distance from Earth, the sun, and whether or not the moon was above (or below) the horizon. Some will argue the moon plays no role in influencing earthquakes, and some will argue the opposite. After all, the moon has an effect on tides. Either way, including the appearance of the moon at the exact time of the earthquake is extremely cool. Special thanks to the US Navy (military observatory) for making it possible.

Screenshot example displaying member's proximity:


Moon snapshot
As seen from 34.0575°N 118.9076667°W
Friday 2024-02-09    13:47:27 PM UTC
2 months 2 days ago
Epoch Time: 1707515247

Phase: 0.99742896872485 | New Moon
Illumination: 0.007%
Distance from Earth: 365025.82km
Distance from Sun: 147613776.77km
Next Moon: 23:00:44, 9 Feb 2024

Rises: 2024-02-09 06:56:56 AM
Sets: 2024-02-09 17:28:57 PM