A convenient way to let others in the community know your last known geographic location in case of an emergency. Visit this page (or your profile) when logged in, and your marker & avatar image will display - live - even as you move around or travel anywhere in the world. Your position is updated every few seconds and reflects on your profile under "last geographic location". Only logged in members whom you "follow" have permission to see this information. If you choose to receive SMS and email alerts, a simple click on the link will report that you responded, from where and when.

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You are not logged in, so your current position and the date/time will not be saved. Only members with an address on their profile may enjoy all features, including reporting to community and family contacts.

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The address on your profile is the initial map marker placement. Accessing this page on your mobile device will first check to make sure you have granted the app permission to use the location services. Just click "OK" when prompted by your browser. The live location marker ( and your avatar image ) will be automatically centered on the map. If you see latitude and longitude coordinates (above), it means it's working, and these coordinates have been stored on your profile. if you see "Error: User denied Geolocation", it means you have not granted the browser permission to use the geo-location services. Please make this adjustment on your device. Only you can grant permission to use geo-location services.