Frequently Asked Question

Who created the logo? It’s perfect.

Who created the logo? It’s perfect.

Our logo was conceived and designed on a cocktail napkin. While doodling the word "earthquake" with a pen, a waiter dropped his tray and made a startling sound that turned everyone's head. The resulting scribble coincidentally resembled a seismographic design, and we just elaborated on it. We tried various incarnations with target symbols, techy HUD graphics (heads-up display), and some incorporation of an Earth icon . . . but we kept reverting to the original.

Occam's razor implies: "the simplest solution is usually the correct one".

It suggests someone wrote the word "earthquake" . . . then an earthquake occurred . . . and after a brief pause, the word resumes.
The hand-written letters add a human element.

The accompanying tagline "what's shaking?" is an informal and familiar way of greeting someone.
But in this context, it can now be taken literally.

Thank you for noticing!

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